Professional Services

Ensure that your next IT project is a success with our expert IT team.

The Journey

Over the past 20 years, the Virsage team has garnered a significant amount of experience working with a wide variety of technologies, companies and industries.  While we are headquartered in Colorado, we have completed countless IT projects for businesses across the country and around the globe. 

The IT industry is evolving faster than ever and with an increased focus on security, scalability, and availability, organizations are turning to outside Subject Matter Experts to ensure their projects are completed on-time, on-budget and to the required specifications.

Our four step approach to project management ensures that we are capturing your requirements, developing a plan and then executing.  After the project is complete, we will sit down with your team and review every phase and verify that each of the requirements have been addressed to your satisfaction.  Virsage is committed to making each project engagement a win for both our team and our customer’s.


IT Projects

With IT resources becoming harder and harder to find, Virsage can provide quality resources to ensure your project is a success.  Our team has experience helping companies across a wide range of desktop, server, networking and application projects.


The security of your systems, network and data are critical to your businesses success.  The Virsage team can give you the confidence of knowing you or protected by creating/updating your IT policies, conducting IT Audits or working with you to meet industry compliance requirements such as PCI or HIPAA.

Cloud Services

Success in moving to the Cloud is more about solid process than the technology. Our Cloud migration engineers have a long history of migrating many companies to Cloud solutions, whether it be a single application, email, data, or complete hosted desktop solutions.

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