Cloud Services

Support and administration of on-premise and cloud-hosted desktops, laptops, servers and networks

The Journey

Whether it is your first step or your 10,000th, the Cloud is not a destination. Visage has been helping companies successfully navigate the cloud journey for more than 10 years. Learn more below about how we can help simplify your Cloud migration efforts and alleviate the confusion.

Cloud Strategy

If you have not guessed by now, Virsage is a pretty big fan of the Cloud, but it’s not always the best solution for every circumstance. Virsage helps companies find out what needsare best served by Cloud services, and which are best to remain in-house, or in legacy systems.

Cloud Design

Virsage will architect a solution around both your functional needs as well as your budget. Our designs are built around not only your workflow, but also your connectivity and resource needs. We estimate server loads and allocate appropriate resources to your infrastructure.

Cloud Migration Services

Success in implementing virtual desktops is more about solid process than the technology. Our Cloud migration engineers have a long history of migrating many companies to Cloud solutions, whether it be just applications, email, data, or complete solutions.

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